“Wonderland” Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review

I know we are doing quite a bit of back tracking here, but I’ve been MIA for nearly a month. If you want to know why, read this post. Otherwise, on to the review…

fortune cookie soap alice

When I found out that the theme for the Fortune Cookie Soap box was Alice in Wonderland I was beyond excited. After receiving my box, I must admit I was a bit disappointed. As you can see for $20 you get your money’s worth of samples. I was not very fond of this box because most of the products have an overpowering flowery scent. Usually I prefer more spicy incense like smells or ones that smell like baked goods. I mean who does not want to smell like a cupcake all day long? From this box my favorite item is definitely the little satchel of incense. The specific scent is called “who are you?” and smells very clean and fresh.

Not pictured is a sample of “Almost Alice” bath infusion tea. This product came in a little tea bag and is dropped into the bath tub. This was a fun alternative to a typical bath bomb and didn’t leave much residue after draining the water.

The rest of the products I’ve sampled, but again are not anything to rave about. The small bottles of product are good for traveling, which is what I will end up using the rest for.

If you are interested go here to sign up for the Summer Box. Here is a link to more of the “Wonderland” collection products.


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