Friday Favorites


1.) Avalon Organics Rosemary Shampoo   I’ve been using this shampoo for the last year or so which is odd because I generally need to switch out my hair care products. After I use a product for awhile it feels like my hair gets used to it and no longer works as well as it did. We have hard water, which causes a lot of build up on the scalp. I don’t have dandruff but it makes my scalp really itchy. I’ve tried using head and shoulders and other shampoos that are supposed to moisturize the scalp but found that after so long they didn’t work as well either. Somewhere online I read a review about this shampoo and figured I’d try it out. Despite the fact that it is a little watery and has a strong rosemary smell, I love it! Once you wash it out the smell fades. I pair this with different heavy moisturizing conditioners.

2.) An Experiment with Time (Studies in Consciousness) I first learned about this book after watching the foreign movie Irreversible. The concept behind the movie based upon this book was incredibly fascinating. A mathematician and aeronautical engineer, the Author began to have precognitive experiences. He would dream of something and it would eventually come true right down to the tiny details. He believed that all moments in time are taking place at once, all at the same time. Our human consciousness prevents us from seeing outside of the part of time we are “meant” to look at. During dreams we are no longer constricted by our consciousness which leads to pre-cognitive dreams more commonly known as deja vu. As an experiment, he proposes to those who are interested in participating to record notes of their dreams as soon as they wake up. Eventually these notes would be compared to see if there are any connections between them and real life events. The first half of the book is easy to follow but, the second half explains different formulas and theories to prove his experiments are accurate. I tried to continue reading but the stuff was way over my head. If you enjoy science and metaphysics this book is definitely worth reading.

3.) Cambridge Satchel Co. Lilac Satchel I absolutely LOVE the color of this bag! The downside is that there is not much room to carry all the stuff I usually put inside my purses. I remember when I was a teenager I sore I’d never carry a purse. Now if I don’t have a my purse with me I feel naked. I believe you get what you pay for and although this bag is a little pricey, the quality of the bag is well worth the price.

4.) Petal Expert Dress  Dear Modcloth, Why is every time I find something I absolutely love on your site it is out of stock in my size?! Since we are approaching fall I need to start working on my fall/winter dress wardrobe. I’m looking for a darker floral dress. Most of the dress I have are actually too spring/summer looking. I’m thinking a dress similar to this with dark stockings, a sweater, and boots for work.

5.) Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette I’ve always wanted to try Tarte blush because it has such great reviews. But, I could never justify spending $30 on one blush. This palette was recently released and I just HAD to have it. Purple tones go really great with dark brown eyes and for $40 it was very reasonable. I just received this in the mail yesterday all the local Sephora and Ulta stores were sold out. I used it for the first time this morning and am very happy with it. The eye shadows are very pigmented and the bronzer gives me enough color without make me orange. I’m not sure about the blush color. Eventually I’ll probably purchase a coral/peach color blush from Tarte.


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