Friday Favorites

FF 7-25

1.) Essie Polish Mint Candy Apple This nail polish caught my eye a few times while shopping at Target. I love Essie and the colors they offer. Their pastel colors remind me of the brand Hard Candy which was really popular when I was in junior high in the later 90’s. The polishes came with a cute ring that matched. Walmart used to sell the Hard Candy brand and they still might. I find that a lot of pastel polishes look amazing in the bottle but require several coats because they are so sheer. This color in particular is a bit thicker and required two coats which is the number I typically apply. It does come out exactly the same color on your nails as it does in the bottle!

2. Make Up Forever Shadows These three shadows in the colors I-414, M-536, and D-826. Finally I racked up 500 points at Sephora on my Beauty Insider card. I chose to get a smokey eye sample set from Make Up Forever. It came with a small sample of each of these eye shadows. Possibly enough for 2 or 3 applications. The colors blended beautifully together and are highly pigmented. Although this are beautiful quality shadows, I cannot justify spending $18 for each. I rather spend $60 on a palette set with a variety of colors.

3.) Charter School Cardigan in Lavender & I love your dress in plum After this dress FINALLY was back in stock with my size I decided to get it. Modcloth also has an olive green color and black. This dress is incredibly flattering on any body type and the fabric is thing but not cheap. I think that it could be worn during summer and winter as well with a pair of black stockings, cardigan, and boots. I was also thinking about purchasing the lavender cardigan to go with the dress rather then wearing a black one all the time. The charter school cardigans are light and wearable in spring or summer. I’d opt for a warmer cardigan during winter.

4.) The Alchemist by Paul Coelho The Alchemist is a very inspiring story which re-enforces the concept of listening to our hearts in relation to following our dreams. The story follows the life of a Shepard boy as he seeks out the meaning behind a re-occurring dream. His travels lead him to an old gypsy woman who tells him there is a treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. So, he sets out across the desert in search of the treasure.

Coehlo introduces the concept of ‘personal legends’ which are the things you have always wanted to accomplish. He explains that everyone knows what their personal legend is when they are young. As we grow older we get caught up in everyday life and this book reminds us to step back and look at the here and now rather then the past or the future.

The basic theme of the book is finding your destiny which is why I think it is a great read for someone who needs a little uplifting.

5.) Gelous Nail Gel Base Coat This is another product that several beauty bloggers have mentioned. I love to paint my nails but have not found a top coat that prevents my nails from chipping after a day or so. Going to a salon and getting a professional gel manicure is great but, even if I soak off the gel, my nails are in terrible condition afterwards. So, I used this product after I picked it up from Sally Beauty the other day. I did two coats of Gelous, two coats of polish, another coat of Gelous, AND THEN a coat of Seche Vite Top Coat. It has been two days and so far, no chipping! For less then $10 I think I found the solution to chipping polish.


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