Friday Favorites


1.) NYX Cosmetics Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator I purchased this illuminator a few weeks ago in the color ‘sunbeam.’ For months I agonized about spending $26 on Benefits High Beam and almost took the plunge but I ended up with a travel sized vial to try. I love Benefit products and think that High Beam is beautiful but, for $8 at CVS I purchased this NYX Illuminator that is highly comparable in color. Since the NYX illuminator is in a tube the consistency is a little thicker then High Beam. I am partial to the nail polish type brush application with Benefits High Beam. Rather then putting the illuminator on after my foundation, I have been mixing the NYX illuminator in with my foundation as I apply it.

2.) Essie Nail Polish in Madison Ave-hue This polish is a bright, bold, sparkly pink color. Love it!

3.) Member of the Board Heel & Charter School Cardigan in Honey Seriously, how awesome is this color for fall? Thinking of purchasing these and pairing it with this plum dress from Modcloth!

4.) Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery I like to think of myself as a medical hobbyist. I enjoy reading about different topics related to the medical field from anatomy to psychology. As long as the books are easy to follow and meant to be read by people who know nothing about the medical field whatsoever, I’m a fan.  I found this book particularly fascinating as it discusses the history of surgery and the progression of medical technologies. Medical diagnostics and successful surgeries are just a result of trial and error. The Author touches on a variety of subjects including plastic, transplant, and neurosurgery.  Be warned that this book may be a bit gruesome for some people.

5.) 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip and 44 Other Fabulous Flowers: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers Flowers are one of my favorite things to draw because they are impossible to mess up! I saw this book at the book store and thought about buying it several times but, just decided to download it one day. It provides a huge variety of different flower types that are incredibly simple to draw.  I plan to eventually pick up other books by this publisher that are similar including one with a variety of animals as well as one for drawing trees.

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